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Natural Special mixtures will help to satisfy all the nutritional requirements for pigeons of which constantly improved results are demanded.
The breakdowns of these specially composed mixtures are based on practical experience and insight.
The Natural “Special” range is perfectly adapted to be used in combination with the Natural “Trend”, “Maxi” and “Basic” mixtures.


Typical "Special" Features:

  • enriched with a large variety of small seeds and grains
  • can be used with the Natural “Trend”, “Maxi” and “Basic” mixtures

» Diet "Special"

  • very rich in vitamin-B complex
  • rich in fats
  • fastens recovery
  • the high fibers content improves digestion
  • high content in carbohydrates
  • can also be used in combination with "Trend" and "Basic" Mixtures

» Energy Maxi

  • faster recovery after the races
  • easily digestable
  • rich in fats
  • gives pigeons an energy boost
  • can also be used in combination with "Trend" and "Basic" Mixtures

» Depurative "Special"

  • rich in carbohydrates
  • easily digestible
  • restores the balance of the digestive system
  • can also be used in combination with "Trend" and "Basic" Mixtures

» Conditioner GL "Special"

  • for optimal condition
  • can be used all year round
  • rich in carbohydrates
  • GL stands for Green Label

» Sneaky Mix "Special"

  • safeguards and enhances condition
  • nutrient supplement for extra energy
  • ideal for training purposes
  • to be given in moderation