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Feeding Finesse = feeding on the basis of the most recent know-how

These new Natural Finesse mixtures are especially developed for the English fancier and were tested at the Natural Breeding Station and different racing lofts. All the Natural Finesse references are composed following the pigeon’s needs during the breeding, racing, young bird and moulting seasons.

Finesse Mixtures:

  • are a quality product
  • have a very varied composition
  • have a well-balanced nutritional pattern
  • meet the requirements of the pigeon
  • guarantee a high intake and reduced waste
  • were tested worldwide by succesful pigeon fanciers
  • were succesfully tested in lofts of our staff
  • benifit both to pigeons and fanciers


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» Finesse Start

  • high protein contents
  • provides ideal protein contents during the breeding period
  • guarantees growth and maintenance of the body
  • small grains and seeds are ideal for weaning

» Finesse Light

  • has low protein contents
  • has a purifying effect
  • with paddy rice: rich in fibres + rich in vitamin B
  • has a higher nutritional value than barley
  • is digested better than barley by pigeons
  • has an ideal energetic value

» Finesse Condition

  • is a highly varied and excellent racing mixture
  • contains easily digestible proteins
  • guarantees the right intake of easily digestible fats

» Finesse Energy Plus

  • rich in easily digestible fats
  • mainly contains small, fine grains and seeds
  • ideal for topping up the pigeon’s energy tank
  • specially recommended for extra feeding of the pigeons before basketing

» Finesse Mutine

  • supplies the right chain of essential amino acids
  • mainly contains small, fine grains and seeds
  • rich in the right materials to develop new feathers