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Small Seeds - Conditioner

  • food supplement
  • increases condition and resistance against temperature fluctuations
  • see to it that widowers return faster and more easily after training

Available in:

1,5 kg

A Mixture of Plate Millet Linseed, Rapeseed, Clipped Oats Rice, Hempseed and Canary Seed

Some pigeon fanciers claim that small seeds overstimulate pigeons and therefore tend to shorten the period in which they remain in top form for races.

We are convinced, on the contrary, that small seeds, when given in moderation, play a role in safeguarding their form since they constitute an energizing nutrient supplement capable of developing form in several respects.

If after their morning and evening training sessions, the widowers discover a pinch of small seeds in their nest box, they will develop the habit of returning more rapidly.