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Flora-Digest Powder

  • Fourteen selected vegetables and herbs
  • Increases general resistance
  • Beneficial effect on the airways

Available in:

400 gr

Fourteen selected vegetables and herbs

Natural FLORA-DIGEST POWDER is a powder of fourteen selected vegetables and herbs. Apart from other plants supporting the general condition in pigeons, by supporting the digestion system. More particularly, the vegetables and herbs selected to produce FLORA-DIGEST POWDER will increase its beneficial effect on the airways and the digestion system.

Pigeons with a regular intake of FLORA-DIGEST POWDER through their feed with GARLIC OIL, have a pink breast and white noses. This also guarantees toxin-free blood. Their feathers will be white and silky soft, and also their eye colour and look will speak for themselves, showing that the pigeon is in very good health. Its resistance against germs is thus increased, which consequently helps the pigeon perform better.