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Since time immemorial plants have been used to cure and preserve the health of both humans and animals.

Pigeon fanciers have also applied themselves to improve the health and condition of their pigeons by administering teas and plant infusions.

The management of Natural has always been interested in phytotherapy.
Numerous tests carried out in the course of several years have contributed to the elaboration of three Natural complementary products.

» Naturaline

  • contains Echinacea extracts
  • increases the pigeon's resistance
  • wholesome effect on respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts
  • PH-value is kept in balance in a natural way
  • increases resistance against diseases
  • improves performances

» Tea

  • natural remedy to bring pigeons in condition
  • increases condition during the racing season
  • improves recovery after an effort

» Garlic Oil

  • optimum blood circulation
  • perfect digestion
  • pure garlic extracts
  • contains soy oil, Omega-3 and Omega-6 rich
  • vermicidal effect
  • contains vitamins E for fertility and proper functioning of muscles and nervous system

» Small Seeds - Conditioner

  • food supplement
  • increases condition and resistance against temperature fluctuations
  • see to it that widowers return faster and more easily after training

» Flora-Digest Powder

  • Fourteen selected vegetables and herbs
  • Increases general resistance
  • Beneficial effect on the airways