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Hygiene Products

Through the years Natural has developed a number of hygiene products that contribute considerably to increased hygiene in the loft and of the pigeon.

» Natural Spray

  • efficient against external parasites and other vermin
  • innocuous for pigeons
  • contains no CFK’s

» Bath Salt

  • natural pine extracts
  • no chemical colouring agents
  • makes feathers soft and flexible
  • removes dandruff from the skin

» Granulated Floorcovering

  • a natural product of consisting of lava drawn from the subsoil
  • exceptional absorbing power
  • absorb the smell of the droppings
  • good insulation against the cold
  • stops maturation of the oocysts of coccidiosis and of the eggs of the ascarids

» Loft White

  • made of finely ground chalk
  • powerful absorbent
  • disinfectant

» Tobacco Stalks

  • particularly suitable nesting material
  • a natural product that is easy to use
  • enhances the breeding results
  • a natural and efficient means to protect the breeding pairs and their youngsters against external parasites