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Complementary products

On this website we present our complementary products to provide improved feeding and hygiene for the racing pigeon. They are the result of the extensive experience gathered by pigeon fanciers and intensified specialisation. To this effect the number of products is reduced. Indeed, we only wish to present useful products having the qualities we can truly believe in. All our products are intensively tested at the Natural Breeding Station which houses 14.000 pigeons but are also tested in our pigeon lofts and in the lofts of the pigeon fanciers of our staff. Natural complementary products are entitled to your confidence.


» Minerals

Pigeons mainly eat grains. It has been scientifically proven that minerals are essential elements for the organism.

» Vitamins

Vitamins are organic substances indispensable to racing pigeons at minute doses.

» Plants

Since time immemorial plants have been used to cure and preserve the health of both humans and animals.

» Hygiene Products

Through the years Natural has developed a number of hygiene products that contribute considerably to increased hygiene in the loft and of the pigeon.

» Naturadrops

For nasal and eye hygiene