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Welcome to Natural

Now that the different stages have been concluded, the works on the Natural site are complete.

What has changed since November 2015?

  • Stage 1 – Exterior

    New white panels were placed in front of the factory

  • Stage 2 – Interior

    A new production installation for premium quality pigeon feed and new automation software were put in place

Ever since May 2016, production has taken place on the new production installation, making our new factory fully operational.

World-wide the Leading Specialist

The Natural Granen company was founded in1936 by the brothers Noël and Robert De Scheemaecker. Today it is still managed by the same family. Since 2003 its management is in the hands of the third generation.

Natural Granen is the only firm specialized exclusively in pigeon food and is managed by genuine pigeon fanciers.

The Natural company exports world-wide  to 46 countries and is justifiably considered as the number one specialist in the following fields:

  • grain mixtures for pigeons
  • complementary products for pigeons
  • pigeon racing equipment
  • breeding of racing pigeons - Natural Breeding Station
  • publication of pigeon racing magazines and books


Noël De Scheemaecker (†), one of the two founders,  together with the second  and third generation.
- From left to right, Stephan, his father Joseph De Scheemaecker and Noël De Scheemaecker.


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